Glove Barcode Scanner GS02 with zebra SE965


 · Leather glove 

· Zebra 1D Laser scan engine

· Finger trigger glove GS02

· Built-in 550mah battery. Removable & Rechargeable

· Bluetooth 3.0 Data Transmission up to 50M

· IP65 dust-proof, drop-proof, and shock-proof

· 2 years warranty



GS02 is the upgrading version of the smart finger trigger glove scanner.
It's the lightest, most ergonomic, wearable scanner on the market. With a user-focused design, the glove solutions are built to increase efficiency across a wide range of industrial environments including manufacturing and logistics. Give your operators an edge by equipping them with the wearable scanning solution.

Effon Smart Glove Scanner has replaced the traditional pistol scanner. Until now, using the traditional scanner costs the user a lot of time by having to pick up and put back the scanner.
Using Effon portable 1d or 2d barcode scanners enables you to scan and work at the same time which creates more efficient logistic and manufacturing processes. And simplifies processes, eliminates process steps and reduces mistakes.




Superior Decoding Ability
Zebra Scan engine, fast decoding one-dimension, and 2d barcodes

Bluetooth 3.0 Data Transmission
40 Meter Bluetooth Transmission, BLE for optional

Class 3 Bluetooth HID, SPP with 50M distance

Power Battery
Built-in 550mAh Rechargeable & Removable Battery. which is allows you to keep your ring scanner in service every minute of every shift

Offline Mode
Offline scan barcodes support to save more than 6000 barcodes. U disk for optional

System Compatibility

NFC Connection
Just tap for instant pairing: with NFC, workers can simply tap the GS02 ON NFC-enabled android devices. No need to scan a pairing barcode or open Bluetooth settings to identify and select the device.



1 X GS02 2D Glove Scanner

1 X GS02 Leather Glove

1 X BFP2 Charging Cradle

1 X User manual


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