1D Laser Ring Bluetooth Barcode Reader EF02


1D Laser Ring Barcode Reader EF02

The 1D Laser Ring Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is a rugged scanner. It's designed to withstand harsh working environments.
It can survive multiple drops to concrete from 1.8m/6 ft. over the operating temperature range and is equipped with IP65 grade water/dust resistance

Main Feature:

* With Zebra SE965 provide you a best-in-class scanning performance;
* Fast and accurate capture of virtually any 1d barcode. Even scan the barcodes on the screen.
* Work with any type of mobile phone, tablet, and Windows via Bluetooth
* A removable battery that allows you to keep your ring scanners in service every minute of every shift
* IP65 Industry grade; offers a best-in-class rugged design, with sealing, a drop specification, and a tumble specification, ensuring reliable operation.
* With NFC, workers can simply tap the Ring Scanner on NFC-enabled Android devices


Type: Unknown Type

Accessories included

1X EF02 1D Ring Scanner

1X 550mAh Battery

1X Magnetic Charge Cable

1X Replace Strap

1X User Manual



If you need to order a Charger, You can Click the Blow link

1) 5-slot BPF2 Standard Charge Station with Power Supply


2) BFP1N Charger with 2.4G Adaptor, it can work with Windows PC


3)BFP2 Standard Charger