Wearable Barcode Scanners help warehouse smarter

November 04, 2020 0 Comments

Wearable Barcode Scanners help warehouse smarter

Effon's wearable glove scanning solution is currently the light-weight, most ergonomic and wearable scanner in the market.

The wearable glove barcode scanner solution is designed to help customers improve the efficiency of order picking & sorting in warehousing. By equipping their operators with wearable scanning solutions that give them an advantage, the solution is welcomed by hundreds of customers worldwide.

More efficient and accurate click-and-collect order fulfillment. It's easily meet customer expectations for the same day shipping and faster pickup availability windows.

Increase productivity — the same staff can now fulfill more orders per hour


Superior Decoding Ability

Zebra Scan engine, fast decoding one-dimension, and 2d barcodes


Bluetooth 3.0 Data Transmission

40 Meter Bluetooth Transmission, BLE for optional



Class 3 Bluetooth HID, SPP with 50M distance


Power Battery

Built-in 550mAh Rechargeable & Removable Battery. Which is allows you to keep your ring scanner in service every minute of every shift


Offline Mode

Offline scan barcodes support to save more than 6000 barcodes. U disk for optional


System Compatibility



NFC Connection

Just tap for instant pairing: with NFC, workers can simply tap the EF02ON NFC-enabled android devices. No need to scan a pairing barcode or open Bluetooth settings to identify and select the device.









A benefit with MS02 Smart glove scanner


1.Free up your hands and enjoy free mobility

2. Productivity is as high as 300%

3. Reduce order picking error by 95%

4.Reduce order execution time

5.Increasing productivity

6. With Wearable armband, which is with 3200mah battery. Allowing your workers to work all-day