2D Barcode Scanner MS4200

 · Tiny size, 2d module, easy to integrate to kiosk solution

· IR/Light Triggers·Auto Scanning

· Plug & Play, no need any Driver

· Compact, easy to be embedded for all kiosk solutions used

· USB and Serial interface for optional

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MS4200 2D Fixed Mount Barocde Scanner

The MS4200 fixed mount barcode scaner, with fixed mount and compact design for OEM applications, this high performance fixed mount barcode scanner can easily be integrated into various solutions such as kiosks, ticketing machines, (reverse) vending machines and many more.



IR/Light Triggers·Auto Scanning

Auto Scanning 1d and qr Barcodes

Plug & Play

no need any Driver

Kiosk Solution

Compact, easy to be embedded for all kiosk solution used

Interface Support

USB and Serial interface for optional

Make your fly more easier and fater via " Airport Self-Service Check in machine"


2 year quanlity warranty

During that period time, if there's any quality problem can't solved, you can return back to us. Postech will undertake the the round-trip shipping cost and repaired it well.


1 x MS4200 2d scanner

1 x User manual

1 x USB/RS232 Cable

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