Wireless Bluetooth 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner


  • Type: 2D Handheld Scanner Read most 1d and 2d barcodes
  • Communication: Wireless 2.4G transmission method
  • Decoding speed: 100CM/S
  • Battery capacity: 5000mah
  • IP: IP65 Industry Rugged


PTH5 wireless HandHeld 2D Barcode Scanner is a high-performance 2D Bluetooth and wireless 2.4G barcode scanner with leading CMOS image recognition technology. It can easily read the paper, goods, screen, and other media barcodes. Widely used in manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, health care, retail chain, mobile payment, express delivery, inventory management, food traceability, asset inventory, etc.

With IP65 Industry grade, Ultra-rugged; Dust-proof, Drop-proof, and water-proof for warehouse use.




  • Ergonomic design, comfortable using.
  • Read all mainstream 1D 2D barcodes in the market easily. (4mil)
  • Communication: Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4G
  • Ultra-low power consumption, continuous working time 20h.
  • Bluetooth, a long wireless distance up to 50 m, can be used in mobile phones and PC.
  • Widely used in supermarkets, warehouses, mobile payments, chain stores.


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