Industrial Wearable 2D Ring Bluetooth Barcode Sacnner EF02

 · Zebra scan engine SE2707 / SE4710

· For  Android & IOS & Windows

· IP65 grade

· 550 mAh replaceable battery

· Bluetooth charging cradle

2D Industrial Bluetooth Ring QR Scanner

Features :


Scan Performance

Zebra scan engine SE2707 / SE4710 for almost all 2d / 1d common barcodes


The rugged design of the EF02 uses Polycarbonate housing with overmold(PC+TPU). it can handle up to 200 drops from 1.5 meters onto concrete; Withstand at least 10 times Tesla Model3 Rolls

Excellent Button

Branding scanning button and strong rotation part

Flexible Battery Design

There is a switch off / on for the battery cover, which makes it very convenient to remove the battery .

Battery Capacity

550mAh replaceable battery, supporting more than 11 hours work after full charge; Charging time: 2 hours.

 Customized one-to-many connectivity

One Bluetooth charging cradle at least allows one PC to connect with at least 5pcs ring scanners

Optional Charging Cradle 

1. Bluetooth adapter & Charging Stantion

2. Charging Station

NFC Connection

Just tap for instant pairing: with NFC, workers can simply tap the EF02ON NFC-enabled android devices. No need to scan a pairing barcode or open Bluetooth settings to identify and select the device.

Customizable Service

Choose from one-finger/two-finger ring or cut-resistant glove form factors, as well as resistant glove form factors, as well as software and hardware redesign options; Standard or Advanced versions available to fit workflow needs.


2-year quality warranty

During that period time, if there's any quality problem can't solve, you can return back to us. Postech will undertake the round-trip shipping cost and repair it well.



1 x  2D Ring Scanner EF02

1 x charging cradle without Bluetooth adapter ( in default )


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