Industrial Glove Barcode Scanner 2D Bluetooth MS02

· Excellent 1d/2d barcodes 

· Bluetooth 4.0 up to 40 Meter

· Android/IOS/Windows are compatible

· Long battery life: 550mAh Replaceable & Rechargeable Battery

· Rotating function to meet the different usage habits of left or right hands



The solution: The MS02 ring scanner —
the next generation in hands-free scanning design and comfort

With a wearable ring scanner meeting the needs of the new warehouse. helps your retail operations run smarter.

Effon MS02 Bluetooth Ring Scanner helps your retail operations 

run smarter. With its modern and minimal design, it’s just as at home
in customer-facing areas as the warehouse, ready to empower your
associates to:

• Meet the most stringent turn-around times for click-and-collect
• Keep store shelves perpetually stocked
• Process incoming shipments faster and more accurately for near-instant availability for order fulfillment and front-of-store replenishment

· A removable battery that allows you to keep your ring scanners in service every minute of every shift



1 x MS02 2d ring scanner
1 x MS02 wearable glove
1 x  MS02 charging cradle
1 x User manual



2 years of quality warranty. 




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