2D Bluetooth Ring Barcode Scanner EF02 with Wristband WT02S

* Zebra 2d scan engine

* Bluetooth connect with smartphone/Ipad

* WT02S terminal built-in 3200mah battery. Both can charge the ring scanner and smartphone

* Ring scanner with 550mah battery, more than 10 hours working

* Charging cradle, support more than 6 scanner parallel charging at the same time

* IP65 ultra-rugged, 1.5M Drop testing

*IOS, Android and window


2D Wireless Bluetooth EF02 ring scanner+ Wristband WT02S terminal


Wireless Bluetooth 2D Wearable Ring Scanner EF02 with a Wristband WT02S.enables its operator to move products, packages, materials, and proceed with their barcode reading tasks more efficiently, safely, and comfortably.

The WT02S wristband is a built-in 3200mah battery. It can be regarded as a powerband for charging the smartphone. 

A removable battery that allows you to keep your EF02 ring scanners in service every minute of every shift



1 x EF02 2D Bluetooth Ring Scanner 

1 x WT02S armband

1 x micro USB charging Cradle

1 x  user-Manuel



2 years



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