The Benefit of using glove barcode scanners in Warehouses

August 22, 2023 0 Comments

Picture this: you're in a warehouse, surrounded by towering shelves, and you're desperately trying to find that one elusive item. Suddenly, a superhero-like figure appears, equipped with a glove-mounted barcode scanner. Can you imagine the possibilities? Well, you don't have to imagine anymore because we're here to introduce the game-changing advantages of utilizing glove-mounted barcode scanners for your warehouse operations.


What's a wireless Glove Barcode Scanner?

A wireless glove barcode scanner is a type of barcode scanner that is worn on a glove and can be used to scan barcodes without the need for a separate handheld scanner. It typically connects wirelessly to a computer or mobile device and allows the user to scan barcodes quickly and easily while keeping their hands free. This type of scanner is often used in industries such as warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing, where workers need to scan barcodes frequently while performing other tasks.

This innovative device integrates a barcode scanner into a wearable glove. In the high-paced, demanding environment of a warehouse, this seemingly small advancement can lead to monumental shifts in efficiency, accuracy, safety, and costs. Let's dive deeper!


I. Increased Efficiency

A Faster Workflow
Gone are the days of juggling handheld scanners or, heaven forbid, relying on pen and paper to log inventory. With a glove-mounted scanner, a simple swipe of your hand is all it takes to scan multiple items. It's like wielding a magical wand—except, instead of conjuring spells, you're scanning barcodes at lightning speed!

Comfort Redefined
The relentless cycle of picking up, scanning, and putting down handheld devices can lead to wear and tear on one's body over time. But the wearable nature of EFFON glove scanners ensures there's no strain. Think of it as having a diligent assistant—except this one fits snugly on your hand and requires no coffee breaks.

II. Enhanced Accuracy

Minimized Errors
Using a wireless glove barcode scanner, you can ensure that the correct items are shipped to your customers, reducing the likelihood of receiving complaints in the future.
We're only human, and manual tasks naturally open the door to errors. But with EFFON glove scanners, human errors decrease significantly. Those hilarious yet costly mistakes, like shipping a rubber chicken instead of a high-end smartphone, become tales of the past!

No More Barcode Blues
Misreading barcodes, especially in less-than-ideal conditions, can be a challenge. But the efficiency of glove scanners ensures clear readings, even in dim corners. It's like your glove is whispering, "Leave it to me. I got this!"


III. Improved Safety

Hands-Free = Safer Operations
A warehouse is an intricate ballet of moving parts. The freedom that glove-mounted scanners provide ensures workers have both hands available, reducing the risk of accidents. And yes, while tripping over boxes isn't advised, at least with these gloves, your hands are free to break the fall!


IV. Cost-Effective Solution

Financial Wisdom
Warehouse operations can drain resources. Glove barcode scanners, however, negate the need for numerous handheld devices. Imagine the cost savings as being equivalent to a buy-one-get-one-free deal, but instead of two average products, you get one revolutionary device.

Incorporating glove-mounted barcode scanners in your warehouse operations is akin to bringing in a superhero team for your inventory needs. Their efficiency, accuracy, safety features, and cost-effectiveness can propel your operations to new heights. So, if you're ready to feel like a superhero and transform your warehouse, it's high time to harness the power of the glove-mounted barcode scanner. Once you do, your warehouse—and perhaps your life—will never be the same again!