What's Posunitech wireless glove barcode scanner GS02?

August 16, 2023 0 Comments

What's Posunitech wireless glove barcode scanner GS02?

Who is Posunitech?

Posunitech was established in 2008 and specializes in producing wearable barcode scanners, offering solutions for logistics and warehouse management. To better promote our wearable barcode devices, we renamed Posunitech to EFFON in 2022. Currently, the Posunitech brand is only used for our Amazon platform, while products sold on all other platforms are promoted under the EFFON brand.

What is the relationship between Posunitech and EFFON?

Posunitech and EFFON are both from the same company, producing identical products but under different brand names. The Posunitech brand is mainly used for promotions on the Amazon platform, whereas EFFON is the primary brand used for offline customer promotions.

Posunitech Wearable Glove Scanner:

I. Features:

A. Innovative Design: The Posunitech wearable glove scanner employs a unique glove design, enabling users to move their fingers and wrists freely for more flexible scanning operations.

B. High Precision Scanning: Equipped with an advanced optical sensor and image processing technology, it can capture and reproduce details of scanned objects with high precision, ensuring the accuracy of the scan results.

C. Fast Scanning Speed: Posunitech's glove scanner has a rapid scanning feature, allowing for the completion of a large number of scanning tasks in a short time, enhancing work efficiency.

D. Lightweight and Comfortable: Made of lightweight materials, it is comfortable to wear, causing no fatigue to users, making it suitable for extended use.

E. Strong Compatibility: Compatible with various operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, enabling users to use it anytime and anywhere.

II. Functions:

A. Scanning Modes: The Posunitech glove scanner offers various scanning modes, including single-page, continuous, and automatic recognition modes, catering to different scanning needs.

B. File Format Support: It supports multiple file formats, such as TXT, EXCEL, Word, etc. Users can choose an appropriate format to save the scanning results as per their needs.

C. Scan Editing: Users can edit the scanned results with the glove scanner, such as cropping, rotating, adjusting brightness, and contrast, to achieve better scan quality.

D. Cloud Storage and Sharing: The scanner allows scanned results to be stored in the cloud and shared with others, facilitating team collaboration and file management.

III. Application Fields:

Wearable barcode scanners are increasingly popular due to their convenience and efficiency. They allow workers to have both hands free for other tasks, increasing productivity in various settings. Here are some of the primary application areas for wearable barcode scanners:

  1. Retail: Employees can quickly scan items during inventory checks, price checks, or while assisting customers. This also enhances the shopping experience for customers as it speeds up the checkout process.

  2. Warehousing & Distribution: Wearable scanners greatly improve efficiency in warehouses. Workers can easily pick, pack, and sort items without the need to hold a scanner or repeatedly pick it up and put it down.

  3. Manufacturing: On the production line, wearable scanners can be used to track parts, finished goods, and ensure quality control. Workers can easily scan items as they move through the production process.

  4. Healthcare: Nurses and other medical staff can scan patient wristbands, medications, and equipment, ensuring that the right patient gets the right treatment, and that equipment is properly accounted for.

  5. Field Service: For technicians or service agents out in the field, wearable scanners can be handy. They can scan parts for maintenance checks or when replacing components.

  6. Events and Ticketing: During events, staff can scan tickets or passes from attendees for verification using wearable scanners, allowing for quicker entry.

  7. Transportation & Logistics: Workers can scan items as they load and unload from trucks or containers, ensuring accurate delivery and receipt of goods.

  8. Airport Operations: Baggage handlers can use wearable barcode scanners to ensure luggage gets to the correct destination. Similarly, ground staff can scan boarding passes more efficiently.

  9. Agriculture: Farmers can use wearable scanners to track livestock or produce, from birth or planting to sale.

  10. Library & Education: Librarians can scan books and other resources more efficiently during check-in and check-out processes. Similarly, educators can use wearable scanners for asset tracking within educational institutions.

The main advantage of wearable barcode scanners in these fields is to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save time. As technology continues to evolve, the integration of wearable barcode scanners with other technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) might open doors to even more innovative applications.


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