3 Track Magnetic Stripe Card Reader MSR100

·USB / RS232 / TTL / PS2 interface

· Bi-directional swipe reading

· Hico / Loco Cards all compatible

· 8000 swipes



` With indication of light
` Low power consumption, good compatibility
` ISO 7811/12/13/14
`  Easy Programmable
`  RS232/PS2/USB/TTL
`  Cards can be swiped and read in both directions.
`  Readers can be affixed to most computer keyboards or to any flat surface,
` Can be connected to any PC or Mac via keyboard wedge or USB interface
` Technic Details: Recording Density: 201 BPI, 75 BPI or 210 BPI
` Recording Capacity: 79 Characters, 40 Characters or 107 Characters
`  Power Supply: +5V DC ±5%
`  Power Consumption: 65mA(max.)
`  Head Function: Read only 1.5mm
`  Card Thickness: Plastic 0.76 ± 0.08mm
`  Operation Speed: 10- 150cm/sec
`  Error Rate: Less than 0.5%
`  Interface: RS232, PS2, USB or TTL is available
`  Dimension: 90 x 26 x 28mm
`  Operation Locus: Indoors only
`  Cable Length: 150cm
`  Lifetime of Header: 800,000 card passes (1 pass : one swipe)
`  Weight: Appro. 100g



2 year quanlity warranty

During that period time, if there's any quality problem can't solved, you can return back to us. Postech will undertake the the round-trip shipping cost and repaired it well.



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