Wearable Ring Bluetooth 1D Laser Barcode Scanner



EF02N-E1 Bluetooth 1D Laser Ring Scanner

The EF02 1D Laser Ring Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, it's with Zebra brand scan engine, fast decoding of most one dimension barcodes, even the damage and color barcodes.
Wear on the finger, with 180-degree rotation, easy to switch to left or right hand. It is designed for picking and sorting applications, enabling your hands-fee, and improving operational efficiency in your warehouse, distribution center, and retail store.

Main Feature:

  • With Zebra SE965 Scan engine, Fast and accurate capture of virtually any 1d barcodes; Can't read 2D barcodes
  • With 180 degrees rotation can be worn on a finger on the right or left hand easily
  • Decode Range: Mid-Range; For example Code39 55mil 100in/254cm
  • Communication: Bluetooth/NFC
  • Built-in 550mah Removable battery, support 3 shifts working
  • Compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows
  • IP65 Industry Grade, with sealing, a drop specification, and a tumble specification, ensuring reliable operation.


 EF02 1D Bluetooth Ring Barcode Scanner with memory connecting with the watchband armband, which is designed for logistics and warehouse management. You can wear it on your finger to free up your hand to handle materials, goods, and packages while scanning, it is very comfortable to wear it on a whole working day, and can even improve 25%-30% overall productivity. EF01 ring scanner is a new generation scanner for mobile scanning, picking, and sorting applications.

With BT 4.0 (BLE) function, the EF02 ring scanner supports Bluetooth HID, SPP (Master/Slave), and BLE connecting, including NFC connection.

Accessories included

1X EF02 1D Laser Ring Scanner

1X BFP2 Standard Charger

1X 550mAh Battery

1X Magnetic Charge Cable

1X Replace Strap

1X User Manual

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