Armband Wristband 360 Degree Rotation Sport Wrist strap for smartphone


Item: Removable Armband Wrist Strap for smartphone
Material:Silicone + PU + high elastic elastic band
Suitable smartphone Size: 4.0 to 7Inch
Color option: Black, Blue,Rose Red,Cyan-Blue
Package: 1 unit in a box, weight:70g. 100pcs in a carton,weight:7.8KG


Rose Red


* Detachable design, remove the mobile phone anytime, anywhere, make calls, send messages, and take photos etc.

* 360° free rotation, there is always a direction that suits you
* Hollow design, doesn't affect the touch screen control, the sound, the earphone is plugged and unplugged, and the phone heat dissipation
* Hanging design of mobile phone and base, heat insulation and sweat resistance
* High elastic silicone, good flexibility
* Compatible with various brands of mobile phones 4-7inch
* Breathable Velcro straps, suitable for arms/wrists of various thicknesses, easily adjustable
* Can be washed to prevent odor and bacteria


Accessories Include:

2x Wristband
1x Pedestal
1x Phone Holder







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