Wearable 2D Glove Barcode Scanner with Display EW02



The Wearable 2D Glove Scanner EW02 is a kind of finger trigger Smartwatch barcode reader with several features for many industrial environments.

· System: Android 5.1
· Scan Engine: Zebra 2D Scan engine SE2707/SE4107
· Scan Method: trigger finger/scanning button
· Screen Display Size: 2.2 inch IPS full-laminated screen

The new version of Wearable Glove Scanner EW02 combines the ring scanner+handheld terminal.

Real-time, easy-access, cloud-connected data and fast data upload.

The wearable glove barcode scanner is more portable, frees the operator's hands, and improves the efficiency of barcode collection. Compared with the traditional handheld terminal, it can improve your more than 35% productivity and reduce the error rate of picking. what's more important, it saves your cost

This sorting solution has been widely used in Amazon, DHL, and many other logistics companies

The operation workers can easily wear the EW02 wearable glove scanner on the back of their hands, it supports them for multiple tasks at the same time. For example, scanning barcodes while moving goods, printing labels, attaching labels, and package, etc.;

The weight of the glove scanner is only 188g, very light, and even you wear the glove scanner for a whole day working, you won't feel tired.

The material of the gloves is that we use is leather. The overall design is ergonomic, breathable, and comfortable; After a whole day of work, you only need to wipe gently with alcohol after sweating

EW02 wearable glove scanner is with the vibration of sound function, the user gets trigger feedback in a noisy environment to recognize whether barcodes were collected successfully.

Built-in zebra scanning head, fast and accurate reading of barcodes on paper and screen;

A variety of scanning engine is available to meet the needs of different customers; long-distance scanning, medium-distance scanning, and the best price

Built-in 1750 mAh rechargeable battery, support enough power for a whole day working



The fast decoding scan engine
1D/2D wearable PDA with fast scanning performance.

Video documentation
Internal 130W camera for high-quality video documentation and picture

Glove operation
Built-in trigger finger scanning button to allow operation with gloves

Unlimited power
1750mAh Lithium Polymer Battery



1 X EW02 Android Smartwatch Scanner

1 X EW02 Leather Glove

1 x EW02 Silicon case

1 X Magnetic Charging Cable

1 X User manual



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