EW02 Smart Glove Barcode Scanner Android

The Effon wearable PDA scanner EW02 is a kind of finger trigger Smartwatch barcode reader with several features for many industrial environments.

· System: Android 5.1
· Scan Engine: Zebra 2D Scan engine SE2707
· Scan Method: trigger finger/scanning button
· Screen Display Size: 2.2 inch IPS full-laminated screen

The EF02 is an industrial type Smartwatch barcode scanner. It has been designed from single watch scanner upgrading into a glove-style barcode reader with a mobile terminal. This smart barcode scanner provides any worker with an optimal experience in any manufacturing environment. This unique combination allows more users to use it for logistics / automotive / Manufacturing / Supermarket picking-up and sorting-out work with fast data show and data transmitting



The fast decoding scan engine
1D/2D wearable PDA with fast scanning performance.

Video documentation
Internal 130W camera for high-quality video documentation and picture

Glove operation
Built-in trigger finger scanning button to allow operation with gloves

Unlimited power
1750mAh Lithium Polymer Battery



1 X EW02 Android Smartwatch Scanner

1 X EW02 Leather Glove

1 x EW02 Silicon case

1 X Magnetic Charging Cable

1 X User manual



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